Welcome to Adoring Karen Gillan, your best source for everything on the Scottish actress Karen Gillan. Karen is best known for her role as Amy Pond in Doctor Who, as well as Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Her upcoming projects include the highly anticipated Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, The Party's Just Beginning and Avengers: Infinity War.

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Elise   /   Nov 28,2014   /   0 Comments

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Happy Birthday Karen Gillan! The red head celebrates her 27 birthday today – and we wish her a wonderful year ahead of her, a lot of projects for her career; as well as a lot of happiness in her private life!

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High-quality screen captures of Karen Gillan as Nebula in the 2014 Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, are now available in our gallery:

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Check out below a deleted scene between Nebula and Gamora in The Guardians of the Galaxy.

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I added to the photo gallery high-quality stills of Selfie’s ninth episode, entitled ‘Follow Through’. The episode will be broadcasted on ABC next week.

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Elise   /   Nov 08,2014   /   0 Comments

If you follow me on Twitter (which you should!), you probably already know that ABC has cancelled Selfie – even though it had ordered new episodes. I’m so sad the show got cancelled, I hope we’ll get a chance to save it! Anyway, 6 HQ stills of the seventh episode, entitled ‘Landline’, are now available in the photo gallery. Moreover, 17 high-quality promotional images are also available for your viewing pleasure.

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