Doctor Who – Season 5 (2010)

Character: Amelia 'Amy' Pond
Created by: Sydney Newman
Other cast: Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston
Premiere date: 3 Apr. 2010
Episodes: Appeared in all episodes
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family
Running time: 45min

Shortly after the airing of the first episode, Matt Smith discussed the cracks in time and the mention of silence falling, telling the interviewer that they would be a key to the series story arc. He also mentioned that the crack might be one of five things that viewers needed to look out for throughout the series. The other four things remained unknown. In The Eleventh Hour, there was one on Amy's wall and one with a similar shape on the TARDIS scanner, which the Doctor looked at worriedly and quickly turned the screen off. A third crack was seen at the end of The Beast Below on the side of the United Kingdom space ship. The fourth one was seen at the end of Victory of the Daleks on the wall behind the TARDIS right as it disappeared. The crack played a major role in Flesh and Stone, appearing inside the Byzantium in the 51st century, larger than ever and prompting the Doctor to begin investigating it. The crack was connected to a history-ending, Big Bang-scale temporal explosion, on 26.06.2010 at Amy's wedding. It leaked time energy into the universe. This caused people and events to be erased from history, leaving no traces of their existence except in the memories of time travellers. Several events erased from time by the crack included the Cybermen creating the CyberKing in Victorian London and the Dalek invasion of 2009, both of which occurred late in the Russell T Davies era. The Doctor closed the crack by feeding it an army of Weeping Angels (because they are complicated space-time events), but this was only temporary. The crack next appeared towards the end of Cold Blood during Rory's death scene. The Doctor reached inside the crack and drew a part of the TARDIS from inside it. (TV: Cold Blood) In The Lodger, a crack was seen behind Craig Owens' fridge. A crack appeared on the TARDIS' television screen in The Pandorica Opens, just before River Song left the TARDIS, whilst the words, "Silence will fall", were heard just after she left.

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