Doctor Who – Season 7 (2012)

Character: Amelia 'Amy' Pond
Created by: Sydney Newman
Other cast: Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston
Premiere date: 1 Sep. 2012
Episodes: Episodes 7x01 to 7x05
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family
Running time: 45min

Series 7 has been described at being a series of "movies" squeezed into forty five minutes, although The Snowmen was sixty minutes. The first half is about the Doctor deleting himself from the universe to hide himself from the deadly Silence, who attempted to assassinate him in series 6 to stop him from answering the Question. During this time, the Doctor regularly visits Amy Pond and Rory Williams and also meets his grandfather-in-law Brian Williams. The Doctor meets his wife, River Song, in the final episode of the first half of the series, which involved the Weeping Angels who separated him from Amy and Rory forever. As established in The Name of the Doctor, in Asylum of the Daleks and The Snowmen and thousands of other encounters with the Doctor before, echoes of Clara Oswald were sent through time with the purpose of saving the Doctor, dying in at least the lives in Asylum and The Snowmen. The Doctor, not knowing who Clara was, realised that both incarnations of her were the same woman and believed there would be more versions of her somewhere in the universe. He found and travelled with the original Clara from 2013, determined to solve the mystery of the "impossible girl". To save the Doctor from having his victories undone by the Great Intelligence, Clara followed the Intelligence into the wound of the Doctor's timeline from his tomb on Trenzalore, sacrificing herself to save the Doctor many times over.

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