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05 July 2017

Karen Gillan photographed for Glass Magazine

In our latest issue of Glass, with the theme of Change, we featured Scottish actor Karen Gillan rocketed to superstardom in her role as Amy Pond, one of Doctor Who’s most memorable and charismatic sidekicks of late, and it would seem as though Karen Gillan was destined to become a sci-fi icon. Born in Inverness, Scotland Gillan, now 29, maintained her momentum when her time in one of Britain’s most beloved TV shows ended, having a wide range of roles in a range of film and TV roles.

Cast recently in NTSF:SD:SUV:: a US comedy series that allowed Gillan to exercise her funny bone, she would make appearances in a string of movies that strengthened her foothold as a fearless screen ingenue synonymous with adventure, the paranormal and outer space, movies which one after the other boasted increasingly impressive production values.

Gillan has acted alongside the best of Hollywood over the past few years -with stars such as Tom Hanks and Emma Roberts in this year’s The Circle, and John Travolta and Ethan Hawke in last year’s In a Valley of Violence. However, it was 2014’s sci-fi supernova hit Guardians of the Galaxy, which cast Gillan as Nebula, an out-of-this-world blue-skinned assassin, alongside the likes of Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana, that really put the actress on the international movie map.

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  1. John Stanley says:

    thanks for posting these. she looks more beautiful all the time.