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26 April 2018

Karen Gillan photographed for NY Daily News

NY Daily News — […] “The Party’s Just Beginning,” which Gillan wrote, directed and starred in before debuting it at the Tribeca Film Festival, began as a passion project six years ago, long before “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jumanji.” She began with a statistic: every 10 days, a resident in her hometown of Inverness, Scotland, commits suicide.

In the movie, Gillan, 30, plays Liusaidh, a young Scottish woman dealing with the aftermath of the suicide of her transgender best friend (Matthew Beard) who jumps in front of a train. Liusaidh copes with French fries, alcohol and sex with random men; a dangerous, loud, chaotic cocktail mixed with serene moments of self-reflection and, at times, self-doubt. Even the solace she finds in Dale (Lee Pace) can’t quiet her thoughts long enough to keep her away from the bridge where her best friend took the last leap. Her pain is visceral, real and unrelenting.

It’s such an idyllic, beautiful place to live,” Gillan told the Daily News. “Why do we have this dark statistic looming over this?” The movie, she said, is her way of exploring her home’s ghosts. “I wanted to tell an emotional story from a character’s point of view and follow this girl who has been at the brunt of this statistic,” she said. “She’s the one who has been left behind.


I hope that people connect with it in their own personal way,” she told The News. “The most important thing isn’t what I intended, but more what exists between each audience member and the film. It’s different for each person. It’s all open to interpretation.

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